👋 Hi! I’m Ji Huan, a UX/UI designer in China.  


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Design philosophy

  • I believe in “Usability first” , another saying , “Function over form”. No matter how aesthetically pleasing the design work may be, it won’t strike a chord with the user unless it is safe and easy to use.
  • I’m an aspiring minimalist. I believe in “Less is more “ ,which can reduce the operational and cognitive costs of the users. Good design should be experienced and not seen.
  • Feedback matters .I see feedback as a gift. Feedback  helps me to achive better design, and to improve as a designer.
  • I love Inclusive Design ,especially Accessibility . Accessible Designs Help Everyone.
  • I believe in “ Design should be interactive instinctively ”. Design should reduce cognitive load and make users feel easy to use, relaxed, and happy.
  • I find being a designer boardens my perspectives to know the world, makes me a better person, and hope to continue to grow.


In my spare time, I write blogs(although it just started 😜 ). I would like to make the blogs a radio station ,sharing what I observe, what I think and what I love. Also,it  could  remind me to think deeply.

More about me

2021 I began to learn UX , and It would be a new and exciting journey .

2014-2020 I worked as a product manager in Online Travel Agent. I grew with the company. I Designed many popular travelling products  with my team, and gained a lot commercial experince.

Before, I worked as a Brand Creative Planning in Design Agency , where I leraned branding, marketing, and advertising.

And before that , I studied Animal behavior in Anhui University for a Master degree, where I learned to do reaserch. The days I spent with my group members, doing research on monkeys in Huangshan Mountain , reading lots of Psychology books will be invaluable treasure I carry along.

Things I love

📷Photography,🖼️ Museum,🧘🏻‍♀️Meditation,🐘 Animals, 🎞️Movies,💃🏼Hiphop . 

I am looking for your connection!  If you are interested in Design,  or any topics in my blogs , welcome to connect🤗

Meaningful and deep conversion can feed our soul .